[Bug 83226] Allow use of ColorRange and ColorSpace in xorg.conf.d files

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Wed Aug 19 13:43:19 PDT 2015


--- Comment #30 from Pitscho <friedrich.timo at gmail.com> ---
Sorry, I have no time atm to teach myself on how to compile the kernel and add
patches and so on (I like to do as soon as I have time). So I've just installed
Kernel 4.1.6 as *.deb on my Xubuntu machine.

A very big thank you for your efforts. Tvrgb works for me when I enable it via
xrandr. My grey levels are way better now and my Chroomecast image isn't
greyish anylonger, because I can use limitedRGB on every device.
The ycbcr  modes give me shifted colors (greyish pink).

PS: First I acceidentally enabled tvrgb for the wrong output (HDMI-1 (nothing
connected) instead of HDMI-0) This froze my lightdm session and I had to
reboot. sudo restart lightdm did not work.

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