drm/msm/dsi Lane-swapping for 2-lane panels non-functional for msm8x74?

Johansson, Werner Werner.Johansson at sonymobile.com
Fri Aug 21 13:23:37 PDT 2015

> From: Hai Li [mailto:hali at codeaurora.org]
> Sent: den 21 augusti 2015 13:14
> Hi Werner,
> I will prepare a change to make the lane swap configurable.
> Thanks,
> Hai

That sounds really great Hai!

Any idea as to why this lane swap would misbehave? In theory the swap should be completely transparent to the rest of the code (and panel). This behavior is seen on a Dragonboard 800 (the only device with a display with low enough resolution to fit in two lanes).


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