[PATCH v2 00/22] Enable gpu switching on the MacBook Pro

Daniel Vetter daniel at ffwll.ch
Tue Aug 25 01:21:20 PDT 2015

On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 09:36:47AM +0200, Lukas Wunner wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> as requested I've pushed the MacBook Pro GPU switching stuff to GitHub
> to ease browsing/reviewing, latest branch is gmux-v5:
> https://github.com/l1k/linux/commits/gmux-v5
> (I had applied for a freedesktop.org account in April with bug 89906
> but it's still pending, hence GitHub.)
> I've overhauled locking once more because previously all EDID reads
> were serialized even on machines which don't use vga_switcheroo at all.
> Seems it's impossible to fix this with mutexes and still be race-free
> and deadlock-free, so I've changed vgasr_mutex to an rwlock:
> https://github.com/l1k/linux/commit/ffa4546d85244a53541eed6799f93e8eea7f29e8
> There are a number of vga_switcheroo functions added by Takashi Iwai
> and yourself which don't lock anything at all, I believe this was in
> part to avoid deadlocks (vga_switcheroo_runtime_resume_hdmi_audio locks
> vgasr_mutex, wakes up the GPU with vga_switcheroo_runtime_resume
> which locks vgasr_mutex once again). After changing vgasr_mutex to an
> rwlock we can safely use locking in those functions as well:
> https://github.com/l1k/linux/commit/cdea8f5c92039329dde47cadf20b67c7d9af0d62
> With this change, on machines which don't use vga_switcheroo, the
> overhead in drm_get_edid() is exactly 1 read_lock + 1 read_unlock
> and EDID reads can happen in parallel. Thierry Reding and Alex Deucher
> are in favor of adding a separate drm_get_edid_switcheroo() and changing
> the relevant drivers (i915, nouveau, radeon, amdgpu) to use that in lieu
> of drm_get_edid() so that drivers which don't use vga_switcheroo avoid
> the lock_ddc/unlock_ddc calls. Performance-wise these additional calls
> should be negligible, so I think the motivation can only be better
> readability/clarity. One should also keep in mind that drivers which
> don't use vga_switcheroo currently might do so in the future, e.g.
> if mobile GPUs use a big.LITTLE concept like ARM CPUs already do.

Just a quick aside: Switching to rwlocks to make lockdep happy is a
fallacy - lockdep unfortunately doesn't accurately track read lock
depencies. Which means very likely you didn't fix the locking inversions
but just made lockdep shut up about them. Example:

thread A grabs read-lock 1 and mutex 2.

thread B grabs mutex 2 and write-lock 1.

lockdep won't complain here, but if thread A has tries to get mutex 2
while thread B tries to write-lock 1 then there's an obvious deadlock.

I'd highly suggest you try fixing the vga-switcheroo locking without
resorting to rw lock primitives - that just means we need to manually
prove the locking for many cases which is tons of work.
Daniel Vetter
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

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