[Bug 76490] Hang during boot when DPM is on (R9 270X)

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--- Comment #48 from Tobias Droste <tdroste at gmx.de> ---
There is only one way to find out the values:
Trial and error.

Start with what works with other cards:

Last value is mclk (memory) and the other is sclk (gpu). 0=use bios default.
Values are in 10kHz (not sure why ) so 85000=850MHz, 120000=1.2GHz, .... 

I found it easier to first get a memory value that works. With that I could
boot up to certain point (sometimes even to login!) and then it crashed. If a
memory limit is enough than you're good after that. 
After I found a memory value that somewhat worked I tried different sclk values
to get a system that actually boots and can run for a few hours.

You don't have to fear anything because it will only limit the clocks if the
bios clocks are actually higher, so there's nothing that can break. Not sure if
there's a problem with too low values, but I don't think so.

So it comes down to change values -> recompile kernel module -> reboot -> if
it's still not working, start again.

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