atombios_crtc.c - make error messages distinguishable "unable to allocate a PPLL\n"

Christian K├Ânig christian.koenig at
Mon Jun 8 09:30:49 PDT 2015

On 08.06.2015 18:26, James Feeney wrote:
> atombios_crtc.c
> In multi-display configurations, especially with three or more displays,
> PLL/clock source allocations can fail when there are more crtc's than PLLs.
> When attempting to debug these PLL allocation failures in the source code, the
> error message displayed in the log, DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL\n");,
> is not useful because the exact same error message is used for _five_ different
> error states/code paths.
> These different error states/paths should be distinguished, simply by including
> some kind of distinguishing mark with each error message.  For instance:
>                          DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL ONE\n");
>                          DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL TWO\n");
>                  DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL THREE\n");
>                  DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL FOUR\n");
>                  DRM_ERROR("unable to allocate a PPLL FIVE\n");

Actually it's always the same error. The message just appears in that 
file multiple times for different hardware generations.


> Whether the reported error is truly valid because of an actual hardware
> limitation, or invalid because of faulty heuristics in the software, is a
> separate topic.
> Thanks

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