[Bug 89699] Regression in 10.5.1 causes flickering/artifacting in a particular video game

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Tue Jun 9 02:06:16 PDT 2015


--- Comment #14 from Sergio Pais <sp at srge.org> ---

By reverting 0543630d0b0d9d9f6eefbc14fbd3385d4de37ba0:

18a30c97780bef9c498db915ba5e7debe832f576 NOT OK
11b76369f53e064bef1bad629f957373c0e93b6c NOT OK
edf18da85dd3b1865c4faaba650a8fa371b7103c NOT OK Mostly shadows flickering 
73c2b0d18c51459697d8ec194ecfc4438c98c139 NOT OK Mostly shadows flickering
0aecf9e2d18804d83473a5cc142297c1bbae04f8 OK
2bfe9d4538693ebad3c0330a92e432c6c4c5afd3 Does not compile for me
d217819e7872e1017260f525caff38e6e49e714d OK

73c2b0d18c51459697d8ec194ecfc4438c98c139 seems to the the first bad commit.

Hope this helps.

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