[PATCH] drm/bochs: convert bochs driver to atomic mode-setting

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Wed Jun 10 01:04:45 PDT 2015


> As far as I know, the convertion got some problem, and after I
> add the bochs driver when I boot the qemu VM, it just can not
> start up, works fine if I delete bochs-drm.ko from it's directory.

With fbdev enabled alot initialization happens with some important
console lock taken, which has the effect that you don't see any kernel
messages until it all succeeded.  If it doesn't succeed you are stuck in
the dark.  Guess this is what happened ...

So, configure a serial console for your virtual machine.
Turn off fbdev support (bochs_drm has a module option for that).
That most likely gives you a clue where things blow up.

Then get X11 running.
kmscon is a nice test too.
When all this works try turning fbdev back on.


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