[Bug 90264] [Regression, bisected] Tooltip corruption in Chrome

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--- Comment #17 from Matt Whitlock <freedesktop at mattwhitlock.name> ---
(In reply to Furkan from comment #16)
> What do those revision numbers represent? Are they binary builds? They don't
> look like svn/git commits.

They're Subversion revisions, which is what Chromium's bisect-builds.py script

bisect-builds.py also kicked out this ChangeLog URL:


…but it doesn't show any commits. I don't know why.

The command line I used for bisecting was:

$ ./bisect-builds.py -a linux64 --use-local-cache -g 323860 -b 330231

Revisions 323860 and 330231 correspond to releases 43.0.2357.73 and
44.0.2403.18, respectively. (The rendering problem appeared on my system when I
upgraded Chromium from the former to the latter release, so those were my
starting points for bisection.)

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