[PATCH 07/32] acpi-video-detect: Rewrite backlight interface selection logic

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Thu Jun 11 02:29:24 PDT 2015


On 11-06-15 11:19, Pali Rohár wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 June 2015 15:01:07 Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Currently we have 2 kernel commandline options + dmi-quirks in 3 places all
>> interacting (in interesting ways) to select which which backlight interface
>> to use. On the commandline we've acpi_backlight=[video|vendor] and
>> video.use_native_backlight=[0|1]. DMI quirks we have in
>> acpi/video-detect.c, acpi/video.c and drivers/platform/x86/*.c .
>> This commit is the first step to cleaning this up, replacing the 2 cmdline
>> options with just acpi_video.backlight=[video|vendor|native|none], and
>> adding a new API to video_detect.c to reflect this.
>> Follow up commits will also move other related code, like unregistering the
>> acpi_video backlight interface if it was registered before other drivers
>> which take priority over it are loaded, to video_detect.c where this
>> logic really belongs.
>> Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>
> Hello,
> lot of people are using acpi_backlight parameter in kernel cmdline to
> fix some of problems. I would like to see this parameter still working
> and to not break existing configuration. E.g acpi_backlight=vendor to
> use dell-laptop.ko or thinkpad_acpi.ko backlight.

I would have like to keep acpi_backlight= for that exact same reason,
but that is not possible while keeping acpi_video as a module.

Thinking more about this, this is not strictly true, we could make
some other (core) part of the acpi code use __setup to get the
acpi_backlight= value and have that part export the value for use
in the acpi_video module. This is not really pretty, but I think it
may be the best way to solve this.

> It is still nightmare to get laptop panel backlight working on different
> (broken) laptops

Well one reason it is a nightmare is because there are too many
backlight drivers fighting for control and there is not an easy
way to tell the kernel only register this one, this is exactly
what this patch-set is trying to address :)  People may still
need to use a cmdline option but now there is only one option to
play with.

 > and people learnt to try to use acpi_backlight
 > parameter for quit/hot fixing these problems.

People who need to pass a kernel commandline option really should
report a bug once they have figured out what option to use.

Fedora users are getting pretty good at this as the Fedora kernel
maintainers punt all such bug reports to me and I properly deal
with them verifying the users solution is sane and then submitting
a patch with a dmi based quirk for the users laptop upstream.

 > Upgrading kernel (if you
> remove acpi_backlight parameter) just break it again.

I think that is actually (partially) a good thing, as said people
who rely on cmdline workarounds should file bugs, so that we can
add a quirk. Had the users done so, the quirk would be long in
place and the changing of the cmdline option name would not be
an issue for them.

I realize that this knife cuts both ways, and that this will
cause unhappy users, as said if it had been possible to not change
the cmdline option name in a clean way I would have done so.

If everyone agrees with the solution I've outlined above, we
can actually make it so as to not break things for users
who's setup relies on acpi_backlight=foo



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