drm/tilcdc: Add support for external tda998x encoder

Dan Carpenter dan.carpenter at oracle.com
Thu Jun 11 08:11:07 PDT 2015

Hello Jyri Sarha,

This is a semi-automatic email about new static checker warnings.

The patch 103cd8bc1c80: "drm/tilcdc: Add support for external tda998x
encoder" from Feb 10, 2015, leads to the following Smatch complaint:

drivers/gpu/drm/tilcdc/tilcdc_external.c:153 tilcdc_get_external_components()
	 error: we previously assumed 'node' could be null (see line 148)

   147			node = of_graph_get_remote_port_parent(ep);
   148			if (!node && !of_device_is_available(node)) {

This test is probably reversed?

   149				of_node_put(node);

   150				continue;
   151			}
   153			dev_dbg(dev, "Subdevice node '%s' found\n", node->name);
Unchecked dereference.

   154			if (match)
   155				component_match_add(dev, match, dev_match_of, node);

dan carpenter

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