[Bug 89420] DELL U2415 monitor detection issue

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--- Comment #3 from Michiel Janssens <bugs.freedesktop at nexigon.net> ---
Just an update.
At the moment I'm running a newer kernel.

Behaviour has changed.
I don't have to use the extra kernel parameter drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware.
Without it the monitor seems to be detected properly.
So resolution is as it should be 1920X1200, at boot time, and also when logging

However the power save issue still remains.
- when the system tell the monitors to go to sleep, they both do, but when
wakingg the screens, the U2415 offten won't come out of power save mode, the
system is very sluggish at that moment. I'm not able to trigger the monitor to
come out of standby. Not by calling xrandr in terminal, switching between VT's,
or powering down the monitor. After plugging out the displayport of the U2415,
the system becomes responsive again.

- after a system suspend to ram the same as above happens.

With a reboot everything seems normal again, and in the event the U2415 has
gone into power save mode during login, switching between VT's will normally
get it out off power save.

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