[Bug 85320] [RV620][RV630][RS880] GPU hangs using UVD hardware acceleration

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Fri May 1 09:23:19 PDT 2015


--- Comment #46 from Christian K├Ânig <deathsimple at vodafone.de> ---
(In reply to Nicola Mori from comment #44)
> The new patch works also for me. A couple of questions, Christian: does the
> patch remove some features? Do you think to mainline it or rather implement
> a different fix now that the problem seems to be better defined? Thanks.

Instead of submitting the commands to the hardware directly with semaphores to
sync between the GFX and UVD engines we block until the dependent task is

That's rather bad in a couple of different cases, for example doing 3D gaming
and video playback at the same time.

What essentially happens is instead of keeping UVD and GFX busy all the same
time (and only occasionally block one engine waiting the other one) you do it
more like this:

1. Run UVD job.
2. Wait for UVD to finish.
3. Run GFX.
4. Wait for GFX to finish.
5. Run UVD
6. Wait for UVD to finish.

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