[Bug 83226] Allow use of ColorRange and ColorSpace in xorg.conf.d files

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Fri May 1 20:04:36 PDT 2015


--- Comment #24 from rteklits <robert.teklits at gmail.com> ---
I compiled this into kernel 4.0.1 on arch linux.  I have an APU with an R7
graphics chip.  All went well and after rebooting I was able to switch
output_csc to tvrgb.  I tested it with a few different pictures and the black
levels seem to be true.  I only eyeballed it though.  It looks dramatically
better on my tv.  I've been using catalyst proprietary drivers for their
support of limited RGB, but the catalyst GL isn't always friendly to gaming
through Steam.  This solves the problem, so many many thanks!

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