[Bug 87278] Packet0 not allowed and GPU fault detected errors with Serious Engine games

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Fri May 8 16:09:26 PDT 2015


--- Comment #29 from Daniel Scharrer <daniel at constexpr.org> ---
With Mesa git-3bdbc1e, LLVM r236436 and Linux 4.0.1-gentoo my previous Talos
traces don't produce any GPU VM faults anymore. However, the game still does.
Here is a new trace:

 http://constexpr.org/tmp/Talos-radeonsi.3.trace.xz (147 MiB)

This traces still produces VM faults even when re-enabling unsafe-fp-math
optimizations (see bug 89069).

There is also some junk being rendered at the end of the trace.

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