[Bug 90484] LLVM >=r237140 causes gpu lockups Spec Ops: The Line

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Mon May 18 09:08:10 PDT 2015


--- Comment #5 from Arek RuĊ›niak <arek.rusi at gmail.com> ---
It's complicated a little bit more than i thought.
r237139 is affected too, but need more time(about 100-120 sec)to trigger, this
is why i didn't see it before. Now i've tried r230876 and time to trigger ~ 11
min. And a really dunno what interval should i take. 

But still trying.

Sylvain i will try it and give feedback to you. (and i have Cape Verde XT
(hd7770), I should buy Pitcairn but i was to stingy:)

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