[PULL] drm-amdkfd-next

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon May 18 17:16:36 PDT 2015

>> drm-amdkfd-next-2015-05-18:
>> - Add the interrupts & events modules, including new IOCTLs to create and
>> wait
>>   on events. The HSA RT open source stack is mainly using events to know
>> when
>>   a dispatched work has been completed. In addition, this module is
>>   a pre-requisite for the next module I'm going to upstream - debugger
>> support
>>   This module also handles H/W exceptions, such as memory exception
>> received
>>   through the IOMMUv2 H/W and Bad Opcode exception receieved from the GPU.
>> - Adding a new kernel module parameter to let the user decide whether he
>> wants
>>   to receive a SIGTERM when a memory exception occurs inside the GPU
>> kernel and
>>   the HSA application doesn't wait on an appropriate event, or if he just
>> want
>>   to receive notification about this event in dmesg. The default is the
>> latter.
>> - Additional improvements for SDMA code
>> - Update my email address in Maintainers file as I'm leaving AMD in two
>> weeks.
Two things,

a) pull request from ssh:// please fix scripts to generate git:// URLs,

b) ioctls with bool in them make me worry, four packed bool's even more,
4 packed bools with a 64-bit straight after them put me over the not
pulling this edge.

I don't trust bools in ioctl defintions, please use explicitly sized types.

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