[Bug 90484] LLVM >=r237140 causes gpu lockups Spec Ops: The Line

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--- Comment #7 from Arek RuĊ›niak <arek.rusi at gmail.com> ---
Yes I saw #90481 before filled this. It's doesn't look the same. I don't even
touch gameplay. In my case all lockups is happening in game menu. When I able
to start the game i can play over 40 min. But i am not hard player so hard to
tell it is never happen. Maybe fortune is by my side.

Yesterday i tried r228821 and it works over 50min without issues, so i think it
is somewhere in 3.7 branch. If i don't screw up it shoud be between r228821 &
Keep searching. 

PS. I have another issue with blinking fog in MetroLL (in game, in "waiting
screen", and in intro) and it's the same: somewhere between r228821 & r230067,
so i'll find the little bastard for sure (but it's probably another bug)

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