[Bug 87856] Driver load fails with no error on ppc64 host

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Wed May 20 23:55:22 PDT 2015


--- Comment #9 from kristof <cdenatale3 at gmail.com> ---
Hi Alex,

Workaround progress : delete xorg.conf; Why ?
According radeon man page :
Option "AccelMethod" "string"
              Chooses  between  available  acceleration  architectures.  Valid
              values are EXA (for pre-TAHITI GPUs) and  glamor  (for  R300  or
              higher). The default is glamor as of TAHITI, otherwise EXA.

By checking my Xorg.0.log, I realized that "EXA" submodule is loaded instead
"glamor" ... (noticed in my workaround firmware non-free installed + mesalib
not patched)
Since my gpu is a R300 (RV380-X600) family submodule should be "glamor", right
or mistake from me due to misunderstanding something ?

Regards and have a nice day,


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