[Bug 98751] radeon: multihead "no signal" on one of the monitors - regression

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--- Comment #4 from Mike Noe <noeerover at gmail.com> ---
Same problem here on Tumbleweed x86-64

I have a monitor connected to DVI and a HDTV connected to HDMI on a
HD6570 (Turks).  Recent TW dup with the 4.03 kernel breaks dual-mon
support.  Basically, when booting (with the HDTV on) or when connecting
the HDTV (via HDMI), the primary monitor on DVI just goes directly into
sleep mode and won't come back unless I use xrandr directly.  If I get
to Kscreen5, I can disable the HDMI which will then re-enable the DVI
(even though it shows enabled).

4.01 and earlier work great, do not have this problem.  I also tried on the
latest two RCs with the same results.

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