[Bug 90537] radeonsi bo/va conflict on RADEON_GEM_VA (rscreen->ws->buffer_from_handle returns NULL)

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Fri May 22 05:16:15 PDT 2015


--- Comment #10 from pstglia at gmail.com ---
> BTW: Is it sufficient to put the ISO on an USB stick with usb-creator-gtk to
> get a bootable Android?
> If yes then I'm clearly going to try that sooner or later.

Never tried usb-creator-gtk. But "dd" works just fine (/dev/sdb is the device
mapped to my usb flash drive):

dd if=android-x86-5.1_kernel_4.0.3_mesa_10.5.4_radeonsi_test_20150521.iso
of=/dev/sdb bs=65535

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