block_all_signals() usage in DRM

Richard Weinberger richard at
Mon May 25 10:15:02 PDT 2015

Am 25.05.2015 um 18:50 schrieb Oleg Nesterov:
> AAAAOn 05/25, Richard Weinberger wrote:
>> Is this functionality still in use/needed?
> All I can say it doesn't work.
>> Otherwise we could get rid of block_all_signals() and unpuzzle the signaling
>> code a bit. :-)
> Yes. I do not even remember when I reported this the first time. Perhaps
> more than 10 years ago.
> See the last attempt in 2011:
> I copied this email below.

Thank you Oleg, this makes sense.
I was actually wondering WTF this function is good for.


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