[Bug 98897] Macbook pro 11,5 screen flicker when AC adapter plugged in

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--- Comment #12 from Tom B <tom at r.je> ---
Apologies for repeated comments. According to
(someone else running the same GPU on windows with catalyst driver)

The clock speeds are:

GPU: 800mhz
Memory: 1125mhz

I'm not sure how that correlates to the speeds in the patch you listed:

+                       max_sclk = 75000;
+                       max_mclk = 80000;

What is the difference between sclk and mclk? If mclk is memory clock (as
suggested here:
) that looks way of but if it's GPU clock then 80000 (assuming 80000 means
800mhz) is correct but then I don't know what the memory clock is or how to
work it out. 

radon_pm_info does show seemingly correct information  that tallies with the
patch above

uvd    vclk: 0 dclk: 0
power level 0    sclk: 30000 mclk: 30000 vddc: 900 vddci: 850 pcie gen: 3

It shows the same in both battery and performance mode and seems to be working
correctly. In performance mode if I run a GPU intensive program such as
inigine-heaven the power level, as expected, changes:

uvd    vclk: 0 dclk: 0
power level 4    sclk: 75000 mclk: 80000 vddc: 1025 vddci: 900 pcie gen: 3

Interestingly, when the GPU is running at power level 4, there's no flicker! So
it seems to be an issue with power level 0. Despite the clocks showing the same
on both "battery" and "performance" mode at power level 0, the flicker (and
additional heat) only happen on "performance" mode. So the flicker is some
combination of "performance" dpm state and power level 0 even though the clock
speeds seem the same.

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