[Bug 91880] Radeonsi on Grenada cards (r9 390) exceptionally unstable and poorly performing

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--- Comment #132 from Filip Brygidyn <brygidyn.filip+freedesktop at gmail.com> ---
I am experiecing the same freezes on my updated arch box (kernel 4.8.11-2, mesa
13.0.2-2) with my MSI R9 390.
Without radeon.dpm=0 I observe the following:
- I can get into and stay in tty with no crashes
- I experience wierd filckering/'image jumping'. (Not artifacts)
- With 2 monitors connected the mentioned flickering is unbearable and the
image jumps so much it's hard to see anything. (and it gets worse over time)
- After I start a window manager (xfce in my case) the system will freeze at
the moment I cause any major load. This would support the ongoing suspition
that the problem may be caused by clock or voltage changes.

With radeon.dpm=0 I am yet to crash a single time in the similar way.

This may be unrelated but I experience similar (although much less frequently
occuring) crashes under windows.
The system would run perfectly fine under load or idle for a long time but when
the load is changing the system sometimes freezes or crash with a BSOD.
Good example would be when I am running a game and I alt-tab a lot, changing
the load drasticaly from 100% to idle and back. That is the moment when crashes
occur most frequently.

I am yet to try other firmware, mclk or other suggestions mentioned in here.
Will post when I get enough time and motivation to tinker...

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