[bug report] drm/bridge: Add ti-tfp410 DVI transmitter driver

Jyri Sarha jsarha at ti.com
Wed Dec 7 20:28:56 UTC 2016

On 12/07/16 16:46, Daniel Vetter wrote:
>> > This implementation is a hack in the first place. The code will be
>> > removed when DRM has a proper generic connector support.
> Hm, what's this generic drm connector thing you talk about? What's it for?
> Asking since I haven't seen that yet nor heard in a discussion ...

After looking up this comment from Laurent:

On 11/10/16 14:15, Laurent Pinchart wrote [1]:
>> > The implementation side is not so critical, because it more easily
>> > changed, but should I create an independent generic platform-device
>> > driver for such DVI/HDMI connector or just implement the connector side
>> > within tfp410 driver?
> Longer term I'd like to go for connector drivers, but it might take a
bit of
> infrastructure work. If you can give it a try it would be great !
> I'm fine with handling that in the tfp410 driver for now.

... I think I miss understood it. He was probably referring to the
infrastructure needed in the tfp410 driver. I'll try to get that done
for 4.11 or 4.12.

Best regards,


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