[PATCH 03/36] drm/omap: add crtc background property

Daniel Vetter daniel at ffwll.ch
Fri Dec 9 13:41:03 UTC 2016

On Fri, Dec 09, 2016 at 01:03:33PM +0200, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
> On 30/11/16 15:32, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> > On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 01:17:05PM +0200, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
> >> Add DRM property for crtc background color property. Background
> >> color is shown on areas where there are no planes.
> >>
> >> Signed-off-by: Tomi Valkeinen <tomi.valkeinen at ti.com>
> > 
> > Where is the userspace for this? Why is this not part of the general
> > blending engine we expose through kms, and try to document in drm_blend.c?
> > E.g. there's i915 background color patches too, but they haven't landed
> > yet because there's not yet an open-source userspace for it. Or proper
> > uabi documentation.
> I'll drop this for now, and see later how to do it in a generic way.
> But I'm not sure what you mean with userspace here. Do you mean that we
> should have a libdrm wrapper for all DRM properties?

No, some real thing like drm_hwcomposer or weston support or something
similar that gives us a clear idea how this thing is supposed to work and
how it fits into the overall blending equations kms compositors can expect
from properly working drivers.

See https://dri.freedesktop.org/docs/drm/gpu/drm-uapi.html#open-source-userspace-requirements
Daniel Vetter
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

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