[Bug 99163] Radeon HDMI audio lost after resuming from suspend on kernel >4.2

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--- Comment #2 from Timo Valtoaho <timo.valtoaho at gmail.com> ---
Ok, here is the original bug report:

After switching to 4.2 series, I noticed that audio through HDMI was gone after
first suspend/resume cycle (systemctl suspend). I can get audio back with some
simple operations, like executing xrand, lanching gnome-control-center or
swithcing to a virtual terminal (ctrl+alt+F1). All of these operations will
restore audio.

I have tested this out, and it was 4.2-rc2 that introduced this issue, and is
still present in 4.3-rc7. Also, it doesn't matter whether radeon driver is a
module or compiled in with required firmware.

System is Debian Jessie (8.2), Gnome

Attached files:

output of scripts/ver_linux
output of lspci -vvv


Now, as time has gone by, Debian Jessie is v8.6 and due to my upgraded yet
still old hardware, lspci output differs. Regardless of those, problem still
persists. Radeon HW is still the same though.

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