[Bug 93998] Linux 4.5-rc2 ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics not rendering correctly

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Thu Feb 4 23:59:54 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from SMF <smf.linux at ntlworld.com> ---
Result of bisect:

01c8f1c44b83a0825b573e7c723b033cece37b86 is the first bad commit
commit 01c8f1c44b83a0825b573e7c723b033cece37b86
Author: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams at intel.com>
Date:   Fri Jan 15 16:56:40 2016 -0800

    mm, dax, gpu: convert vm_insert_mixed to pfn_t

    Convert the raw unsigned long 'pfn' argument to pfn_t for the purpose of
    evaluating the PFN_MAP and PFN_DEV flags.  When both are set it triggers
    _PAGE_DEVMAP to be set in the resulting pte.

    There are no functional changes to the gpu drivers as a result of this

    Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams at intel.com>
    Cc: Dave Hansen <dave at sr71.net>
    Cc: David Airlie <airlied at linux.ie>
    Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm at linux-foundation.org>
    Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds at linux-foundation.org>

:040000 040000 dc71b6dc188dea4b6ce95f5fd1e4e73cc3663cbe
8a745459a14cd2a6f4e1c71fda3e54333d023f43 M    arch
:040000 040000 9e8103b65698f677e17becdac53914ca029a6197
f656e15bffef4ea8c848176a79eb50a071ec323e M    drivers
:040000 040000 3ffc222d7e0f1067772798d08777aeb54136026e
e2b423f85aaaf0cb25d48d1e15771fc5bddf7981 M    fs
:040000 040000 392d2dea8185ba8f0d1c101782831ceed9aa9812
9e3001b04052daa1b3204b6f2a6e26138a4ed7dd M    include
:040000 040000 f81d8cfe3052b7259b75a58656a65efdaad40284
969d0ff262020f27a695172ce89ae5f6088e8d44 M    mm

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