[Bug 80419] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Causes lockup

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Fri Feb 5 13:15:51 UTC 2016


--- Comment #110 from Edwin Smith <esmith at feralinteractive.com> ---
(In reply to Kamil Páral from comment #109)
> Hi Edwin, thanks for following this discussion! I got the impression that
> XCOM uses invalid or at least undefined behavior from comment 88, 91 and 92,
> and from the apitrace bug comments here:
> https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace/issues/407#issuecomment-166619366
> https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace/issues/407#issuecomment-166752457
> https://github.com/apitrace/apitrace/issues/407#issuecomment-167866502
> But I'm no OpenGL developer, so I'll let Nicolai or Jose or somebody else
> knowledgeable confirm or refute this :)

:) No problem, we'll have a look at the Linux code the next time we patch the
game as regardless of the reasons it would be nice to get the game running as
well as other Feral games that run on mesa. It's quite possible this issue is
something in the original engine behaviour that needs correcting for the mesa

Many thanks to everyone one on the bugs for their investigations.

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