[Bug 80419] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Causes lockup

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--- Comment #113 from Nicolai Hähnle <nhaehnle at gmail.com> ---
Perhaps it does, and that would be bad, but the particular apitrace crash was
basically the following:

1) XCOM uses DrawRangeElements with an unnecessarily large range.
2) During tracing, apitrace scans the index/elements array to determine the
range of vertices that is really being used.
3) Apitrace only stores this range of vertices.
4) During playback, apitrace would send the same range via DrawRangeElements,
but provide vertex data only for the range that was determined to be really
5) The driver, on the other hand, relies on the entire range to be there and
tries to upload it to the card. This is where the crash happened (and it also
explains what I said before about XCOM being slightly inefficient here)

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