[Bug 94025] [bisected] r600_texture.c:562: r600_texture_get_htile_size: Assertion `0' failed

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Sat Feb 6 18:03:44 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from Alexandre Demers <alexandre.f.demers at gmail.com> ---
I added a line to output the value of "num_pipes" when it can't be matched to
the defined values in the switch:
fprintf(stderr, "Driver was unable to determine num_pipes (value = %i)\n",

I ended up outputting "Driver was unable to determine num_pipes (value = 12)",
which is not coverded in the switch... Expected?

In commit 294ec530, r600_get_gb_tiling_config() was removed. num_pipes was
defined there and a comment was telling:
"/* Convert Sea Islands register values GB_ADDR_CFG and MC_ADDR_CFG
 * into GB_TILING_CONFIG register which is only present on R600-R700. */"

I'm using and R9 290X, which is a Sea Islands, covered by this comment.

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