[PATCH 06/29] drm/amd/dal: Adapter Service

Wentland, Harry Harry.Wentland at amd.com
Fri Feb 12 14:30:37 UTC 2016

Hi Dave,

There should be one instance of amdgpu per GPU, so one instance of DAL per GPU, hence this should be per GPU.

We haven't really done any multi-GPU testing with this code, though, but I briefly tried and can light up with two displays connected to a Tonga and Bonaire (Bonaire is supported on our internal tree but hasn't been merged into these patches yet).


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> +
> +/* Stores entire ASIC features by sets */ uint32_t 
> +adapter_feature_set[FEATURE_MAXIMUM/32];

Is this global, what about multiple GPUs in one machine, is this per GPU or per system?


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