VirtIO-GPU 3D OpenGL Hardware Acceleration for VMs

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Mon Feb 15 02:34:18 UTC 2016


It seems upstream Linux/Gallium3D/Mesa/Qemu/KVM has recently gained
virtualized support for 3D/OpenGL hardware acceleration in VMs,
allowing using the GPU of the host in VMs.

As per my understanding the following components are needed -

- Linux 4.4 kernel includes the DRM driver for VirtIO-GPU 3D
acceleration (needed in the VM).
- Qemu 2.5  includes the VirtIO-GPU 3D mode support.
- Gallium3D VirGL driver is included in Mesa git (needed in the VM,
supports up to OpenGL 3.3 atm).
- On the host *any* OpenGL driver (for the host GPU obviously), no
special requirements there.

In order to do test this, if I can be guided as to what are the right
applications to test the entire Graphic stack on a QEMU-KVM Virtual
machine, I shall be grateful.

Saket Sinha

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