[Bug 94231] Problems compiling libdrm since glibc 2.23

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Mon Feb 22 14:47:02 UTC 2016


--- Comment #11 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> ---
Thanks for the links Mike.

Not sure about others, but I'm not a happy bunny.

So there's a issue/bug in stdlib.h (or was it g++), that leads to the inclusion
of sys/types.h. To 'fix' this lets break the documented behaviour (for those of
us that read the manpages). Hmm ... wait what ?

Sorry but this sounds backwards. If we cannot squash the issue, it should be
documented properly with list of workarounds (as pointed in the redhat
Yes it sucks, big time. Yet we shouldn't break one thing, in order to
workaround another issue, should we ?

If this workaround is needed/applicable with other libc providers like musl (on
Linux at least), then there should be a documentation update alongside the
deprecation. Followed by a lengthy period _before_ removing things ?

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