[PATCH v3 00/10] drm/msm/hdmi: HDMI support on MSM8996

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Feb 25 08:39:45 UTC 2016

On Thursday 25 February 2016 11:22:35 Archit Taneja wrote:
> HDMI on MSM8996 has a TX block that is compatible with the older
> versions apart from some minor changes. The HDMI PHY and PLL on MSM8996
> are new.
> The series refactors the code such that there is a separate HDMI PHY
> driver, similar to what we already have for DSI. This makes it easier
> to integrate new PHYs like the one in msm8996.

I sent a patch to rename all of the hdmi symbols to start with
msm_hdmi_*. I think your series now conflicts with Rob's tree
and needs to be rebased on top of that.


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