[Bug 100531] [regression] Broken graphics in several games

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            Bug ID: 100531
           Summary: [regression] Broken graphics in several games
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Hardware: x86-64 (AMD64)
                OS: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/Gallium/radeonsi
          Assignee: dri-devel at lists.freedesktop.org
          Reporter: gr.muench at gmail.com
        QA Contact: dri-devel at lists.freedesktop.org

Created attachment 130639
  --> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=130639&action=edit
No textures for Lara...

Saw this in TotalWar: Warhammer, Rocket League, Tomb Raider, Dirt: Showdown

Radeon HD 7970

5abf60076ce42f3b061e149944a6b4c4ed2c5aa4 is the first bad commit
commit 5abf60076ce42f3b061e149944a6b4c4ed2c5aa4
Author: Marek Olšák <marek.olsak at amd.com>
Date:   Sat Oct 15 15:27:18 2016 +0200

    radeonsi/gfx9: image descriptor changes in mutable fields

    Reviewed-by: Nicolai Hähnle <nicolai.haehnle at amd.com>

:040000 040000 18ee069c1eebf2e3788a87cc937d60a52246f7a4
b9e22831b6ed61d93ca34fab67b80b19ad1b0a01 M      src

git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [03a67fbbf7847cbdcc26b3bd86ee43e09a55cce9] radv: fix order of the
guardband register emission.
git bisect bad 03a67fbbf7847cbdcc26b3bd86ee43e09a55cce9
# good: [57595cb0739d50a3fbd0841d7475bd775f3e24f3] anv/genX: Solve the
vkCreateGraphicsPipelines crash
git bisect good 57595cb0739d50a3fbd0841d7475bd775f3e24f3
# good: [9319ef96fd5c2489754eae1b058e4087d7259341] anv/blorp: Use
anv_get_layerCount everywhere
git bisect good 9319ef96fd5c2489754eae1b058e4087d7259341
# good: [c8ffec4f4b895fdac0f36895393d100cff7c2ac1] radeonsi/gfx9: FMASK image
descriptor changes
git bisect good c8ffec4f4b895fdac0f36895393d100cff7c2ac1
# bad: [18e2aa063ca8e2aeb22a72253891e6f8f5d0d96b] gbm/dri: Check dri extension
version before flush after unmap
git bisect bad 18e2aa063ca8e2aeb22a72253891e6f8f5d0d96b
# bad: [9f5dbbe030a069b9c362a48fdcd23d4d6221894f] gallivm: fix a
maybe-uninitialized warning
git bisect bad 9f5dbbe030a069b9c362a48fdcd23d4d6221894f
# bad: [7695ea0c02166c7173437f120cbf8dceeec7fc37] radeonsi/gfx9: add linear
address computations for texture transfers
git bisect bad 7695ea0c02166c7173437f120cbf8dceeec7fc37
# bad: [6e0d64712aa3fdf07060eeda52417143514004e5] radeonsi/gfx9: use
git bisect bad 6e0d64712aa3fdf07060eeda52417143514004e5
# bad: [354285afa08f48d0aab232820698aacc54e347f7] radeonsi/gfx9: fix
textureSize/imageSize for 1D textures
git bisect bad 354285afa08f48d0aab232820698aacc54e347f7
# bad: [fc3c503b5d7fc9843220c8d89c6394f145f096af] radeonsi/gfx9: enable
clamping for Z UNORM formats promoted to Z32F
git bisect bad fc3c503b5d7fc9843220c8d89c6394f145f096af
# bad: [5abf60076ce42f3b061e149944a6b4c4ed2c5aa4] radeonsi/gfx9: image
descriptor changes in mutable fields
git bisect bad 5abf60076ce42f3b061e149944a6b4c4ed2c5aa4
# first bad commit: [5abf60076ce42f3b061e149944a6b4c4ed2c5aa4] radeonsi/gfx9:
image descriptor changes in mutable fields

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