[Bug 195231] Continuous messages of "*ERROR* UVD not responding, trying to reset the VCPU!!!" and frozen screen

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Mon Apr 3 18:16:59 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from Rogério Brito (rbrito at ime.usp.br) ---
Dear Alex,

(In reply to Alex Deucher from comment #2)
> Please attach your xorg log and dmesg output.  Does appending radeon.runpm=0
> on the kernel command line in grub help?

I'm attaching them.

The dmesg output shows an Ooops when I start X from a command line. I had to
arrange things via SSH, since the keyboard stops responding and, sometimes, the
kernel reboots the system.

Regarding your question, appending radeon.runpm=0 does help. The Oops is
absent, but "UVD not responding messages are still present". At least, the
system boots up to the desktop and it works, but I don't quite know how to
check which card is working at a given point in time (if the Intel one or the
if the radeon card).



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