[Bug 193651] Amdgpu error messages at boot with Amd RX460

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Mon Apr 3 22:51:42 UTC 2017


--- Comment #20 from Christian Lanig (christian.lanig at gmail.com) ---
This bug report is partly a duplicate of that one:

I'm getting the same AVS/Powerplay messages, updating the firmware didn't help.

The topic headline is very unspecific and the replies appear very confusing to
Has this issue been solved or not?
Does a custom Kernel change the messages? - I'm using the newest Ubuntu
mainline Kernel. Is something wrong with the configuration used to build this
Kernel by the Kernel team?
How is this issue related to Tonga GPUs? Polaris is the first dGPU with AVFS.
How many issues do we count here and which replies belong to which issue?

Perhaps someone could make a summary or something - that would be very

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