[Bug 100465] Hard lockup with radeonsi driver on FirePro W600, W9000 and W9100

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--- Comment #9 from Julien Isorce <julien.isorce at gmail.com> ---
When using R600_DEBUG=check_vm on both Xorg and the gl app I can get some
output in kern.log. It looks like a "ring 0 stalled" is detected and then
follow a gpu softreset which succeeds ("GPU reset succeeded, trying to resume")
but fails to resume because:

[drm:atom_execute_table_locked [radeon]] [kworker/0:1H, 434] *ERROR* atombios
stuck executing C483 (len 254, WS 0, PS 4) @ 0xC4AD
[drm:atom_execute_table_locked [radeon]] [kworker/0:1H, 434] *ERROR* atombios
stuck executing BC59 (len 74, WS 0, PS 8) @ 0xBC8E

Then there is two: radeon_mc_wait_for_idle failure "Wait for MC idle timedout"
from si_mc_program

Finally si_startup fails because si_cp_resume fails because r600_ring_test
fails with: "radeon: ring 0 test failed (scratch(0x850C)=0xCAFEDEAD)"

But it seems it keeps looping trying to do a gpu softreset and at some point it
freezes. I need to confirm this ending scenario though but these atombios
failures are worring in the first place.

At the same time I get some "radeon_ttm_bo_destroy" notified by
"WARN_ON(!list_empty(&bo->va));" from kernel radeon driver. So it seems to leak
some buffers. 

I will attach the full log tomorrow, it is mess-up with my traces atm but the
essential is above I hope.

So I have 4 questions:
 1: Can an application causes a "ring 0 stalled" ? or is it a driver bug
(kernel side or mesa/drm or xserver) ?
 2: About these atombios failures, does it mean that it fails to load the gpu
microcode/firmware ?
 3: Does it try to do a gpu softreset because I added R600_DEBUG=check_vm ? Or
this one just help to flush the traces on vm fault (like mentioned in a commit
msg related to that env var in mesa) ?
 4: For the deallocation failure / leak above (radeon_ttm_bo_destroy warning),
does it mean the memory is lost until next reboot or does a gpu soft reset
allow to recover these leaks ? 

Thx !

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