[Bug 96271] TF2: GPU lockup on HD 7950

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Fri Apr 28 08:11:22 UTC 2017


--- Comment #9 from Julien Isorce <julien.isorce at gmail.com> ---
Hi Stephen, if you still have the same machine/setup maybe worth to try the
apitrace 1) that I mentioned here
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100712#c7 . I wonder if it is the
same issue.

About "dmesg_after_hard_hang.txt" / "kernel_log_during_gdm_restart.txt" all
these exact same backtraces are happening because the ring 0(GFX) is still
stuck after gpu reset. So acceleration is marked as disabled. But then mesa
clear some buffers being cached before reset and it hits WARN_ON in
radeon_ttm_bo_destroy, see
I recently submitted a patch to change it to a WARN_ON_ONCE.

But the real problem is the ring 0 stalled in the first place. For me I found
that setting R600_DEBUG=nowc workarounds the problem.

Also I have not found any full dmesg log in the attachments, especially infos
generated at startup.

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