[Bug 100239] Incorrect rendering in CS:GO

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Sat Apr 29 12:22:14 UTC 2017


--- Comment #5 from Bruno Jacquet (Xaapyks) <maxijac at free.fr> ---
I took another apitrace, which I uploaded here : http://dl.free.fr/u43NDpptG
But when I replay my traces (glretrace), I notice :
- Graphical corruptions when I open the ingame console or when a map is loaded 
(which is NOT a problem I seen during normal runtime). The menu is fine.
- The scope bug (this report subject) is not visible from the replayed trace on
my end... 

Maybe it is an apitrace bug from my side? Not sure if I may report this to the
apitrace project, this happens in apitrace from git too.

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