PROBLEM: Asus C201 video mode problems on HDMI hotplug (regression)

Jose Abreu Jose.Abreu at
Mon Dec 4 10:04:31 UTC 2017

On 03-12-2017 05:20, Nick Bowler wrote:
> Your patch changes things.  With this applied on top of 4.15-rc1
> it is failing 100% of the time instead of only half of the time.

Ok, it was a long shot anyway.

> I brought the original test equipment back to the setup so I can
> see the video and pink bar again.  The symptoms remain the same
> (unexpected size, pink bar, and no audio).

Can you tell me which test equipment are you using?

> It is very consistent: pink bar <=> no audio.
> My suspicion is that the audio problem is just the wrong video mode
> on the sink side messing things up, but I have no way of confirming
> that (that I know of).

Hmmm, my first thought was that audio is being configured first
because of the phy lock wait time, I've seen this happening before.

Lets try this:
- Disable all alsa clients (e.g. pulseaudio, ...) so that no one
tries to configure audio.
- Plug out/in the cable until the issue appears
- When the issue appears use aplay to play audio through the HDMI
- Repeat several times with different audio rates and with no
resample (you can use the plughw interface in aplay).

> Thanks,
>   Nick

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