UDL's fbdev doesn't work for user-space apps

Jose Abreu Jose.Abreu at synopsys.com
Mon Dec 4 11:50:40 UTC 2017

Hi Alexey,

On 04-12-2017 11:32, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
> My first [probably incorrect] assumption is Xserver requires fbdev (/dev/fbX)
> and it cannot use DRI video card natively. Is that correct?

Xserver can use DRI directly, you need to enable modesetting
driver in Xorg config or use the designated driver for your card
(if there is any).


Section "Device"
        Identifier "Card0"
        Driver "modesetting"
        Option "kmsdev" "/dev/dri/card0"
        Option "SWcursor" "true"
        BusID "PCI:X:X:X"

Best Regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu

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