xf86-video-armada via UDL [was: Re: UDL's fbdev doesn't work for user-space apps]

Jose Abreu Jose.Abreu at synopsys.com
Mon Dec 4 14:02:42 UTC 2017

On 04-12-2017 13:16, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
>         Option          "kmsdev" "/dev/dri/card1"

Which drm driver uses /dev/dri/card0? I'm seing drmOpen code and
if you don't specify the busID it will fallback for the first
card that matches "armada-drm" or "imx-drm" or "udl".

> But if I swap "imx-drm" to "udl" I don't see anything on my screen
> (connected via UDL) even though Xserver seems to really start claiming the screen
> (so I see it becomes black, effectively overriding whatever was there before) and
> glmark benchmark prints results.

Xorg.log can help confirm if everything is ok.

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