xf86-video-armada via UDL [was: Re: UDL's fbdev doesn't work for user-space apps]

Jose Abreu Jose.Abreu at synopsys.com
Tue Dec 5 10:39:21 UTC 2017

Hi Alexey,

On 04-12-2017 17:29, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
> Indeed, in case of kmscube etnaviv is a renderer while UDL
> outputs the picture on the screen.

Thats nice :)

Ok, from your logs I was not able to see anything wrong. X server
does not error exit and Prime seems to be working in DRM ...

Lets try one more thing: Enable all debug in DRM (drm.debug=0x3f)
and try to correlate the log with the actions. i.e.

[x start]
[xclock start]
[glmark2-es2 start]

If that does not give any more info then maybe someone with
better understanding of etnaviv, UDL and X can help (maybe cc X
devel list also ...)

Best Regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu

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