[RFC PATCH 1/6] drm: Add Content Protection property

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Tue Dec 5 20:14:03 UTC 2017

Hi Pavel,

On 5 December 2017 at 17:34, Pavel Machek <pavel at ucw.cz> wrote:
> Yes, so... This patch makes it more likely to see machines with locked
> down kernels, preventing developers from working with systems their
> own, running hardware. That is evil, and direct threat to Free
> software movement.
> Users compiling their own kernels get no benefit from it. Actually it
> looks like this only benefits Intel and Disney. We don't want that.

With all due respect, you can't claim to speak for the entire kernel
and FLOSS community of users and developers.

The feature is optional: it does not enforce additional constraints on
users, but exposes additional functionality already present in
hardware, for those who wish to opt in to it. Those who wish to avoid
it can do so, by simply not making active use of it.


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