[PATCH v3 3/9] drm: Add Content Protection property

Ramalingam C ramalingam.c at intel.com
Thu Dec 7 04:34:48 UTC 2017

On Wednesday 06 December 2017 09:56 PM, Sean Paul wrote:
>>> I'd rather keep the property as-is and expose an HDCP version property
>>> alongside it (or perhaps something more elaborate that includes bksv and the
>>> downstream bksvs). The reason I prefer that is it will also cover the 1.2 vs 1.4
>>> difference that is a more immediate need.
>> HDCP specification wants to differentiate 2.2 vs <2.2 as 2.2 is not a backward compatible.
>> Why do we need to differentiate 1.2 and 1.4? Any use case?
> Someone on the Chrome side asked me to surface the version, apparently
> they care about 1.2 vs 1.4.
Sean, if you can get the reason for differentiating v1.2 and v1.4 at 
chrome, it will be educative info. - Thanks

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