[PATCH libdrm] android: make libdrm*.so available to the vendor partition

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 19:28:28 UTC 2017

On 11 December 2017 at 03:51, Chih-Wei Huang <cwhuang at android-x86.org> wrote:

> Please rebase to the latest master and re-submit the patch.
> In particular, please consider the master already has
> a Rob Herring's patch which moved libdrm* to /vendor.
This please.

> 2017-07-26 18:08 GMT+08:00 Jiyong Park <jiyong at google.com>:
>> libdrm_<vendor>.so are moved to the vendor partition (/vendor/lib or
>> /system/vendor/lib if there is no dedicated vendor partition), since
>> they are vendor-specific extension that must not be in the system
>> partition which should be generic.
>> libdrm.so (which is generic) is built/installed twice: once to
>> /vendor/lib to satisfy the dependency for the libdrm_<vendor>.so libs
>> and once to /system/lib for platform clients such as the recovery
>> executable.
Strange I though we already have both issues addressed?
Admittedly the /vendor move was recent, although the static build of
libdrm (for recovery) has been around for ages.

Аre you saying that despite that it's around latest AOSP does not pick it up?
Can you share a bit more light on the topic?


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