[Bug 198123] Console is the wrong color at boot with radeon 6670

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--- Comment #6 from Felix Schwarz (felix.schwarz at oss.schwarz.eu) ---
Ideally you use Linus' git repo:

As you mentioned in your first post you experienced problems when upgrading
from 4.13.16 -> 4.14.3 so most likely something changed in the main development
period of 4.14 for you. The merge commit 2040c473 you found supports that

Now you need to start actually bisecting. Just google for "git bisect". There
is a lot of blog posts, tutorials etc for it. (Maybe
https://stackoverflow.com/a/4714297/138526 helps you)

As a start you can mark the merge commit and its predecessor as bad/good and
git will take you from there. You will need to compile quite a few kernels and
test them (way more than 2, usually 10-20 kernels).

A common mistake is to mark a non-bootable or otherwise broken version as
"bad". Only mark kernels as "bad" if they clearly have the problem you
described in your report. If you can't test a specific version, use "git bisect
skip". Use "good" if you are sure that a version is ok.

Oh, btw: I recommend testing the most recent 4.15 rc (or even git master) to
check the problem is still present. If it is fixed in a the current development
version probably the easiest way for you is to ride the leading edge. Of course
you can bisect anyway, maybe the patch can be backported to 4.14.

Happy compiling.

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