[Bug 104206] [drm:construct [amdgpu]] *ERROR* construct: Invalid Connector ObjectID from Adapter Service for connector index:2!

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Thu Dec 14 20:23:18 UTC 2017


--- Comment #12 from Charly <ylang-ylang at libertysurf.fr> ---
hi team

By installing kerenl 4.15-rc3 the blamk screen related on bug 95306 seems to be
fixed, and I'm very happy for that !

the message :

[drm:hwss_wait_for_blank_complete [amdgpu]] *ERROR* DC: failed to blank crtc!

only appers when the laptop is cold (not a reboot, but a boot after it was
powered off until it is cold)

The APU is a carrizo A10-8700p rev c5.

Absolutely no issue with X: I can start (xfce4) manually. I guess the error
appears during mode setting. Before we got blamk screen... and now we have this
message ...

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