[Bug 104043] TV out garbled with linux > 3.2 (RV516)

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Hi, thanks for the response and sorry for taking so long but the notification
went to spam folder. I will attach the Xorg log later today.

I actually tried to bisect already. The problem is that it doesn't happen all
the time (I found that out during the bisect). With a recent kernel it happens
all the time but with an older kernel (I'm at g8ff1f792dd68/3.6.0-rc7 right
now) it happens about 1 out of 4 boots (rough guess). Luckily the corruption
with recent kernels (where it happens all the time) looks different. With newer
kernels is just horizontal purple lines, with older ones it alsa has vertical
lines. So I may be able to bisect up to the point where it can be reproduced
all the time. Hopefully that will help.

When it boots correctly if I start my application (which uses DRM/EGL without
X) it starts correctly but when I quit it and return the to the VT console the
display gets corrupted most of the time. If I get lucky and quit the app once
without the display getting corrupted then I can restart it again and again
without getting corruption until I reboot.

Starting X is harder because most of the time the display gets corrupted when X

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